How to become a drone pilot: Training, professional opportunities, and sector growth

Fecha de publicación: 11/09/2023
Fecha de modificación: 11/09/2023

From a few years back to today, the drone sector has had a growth of considerable interest, having gone from simple RC toys to a useful work tool in numerous sectors and a perfect tool for engineers, security professionals, forest control, photography, and videography amongst others. 

So much so that becoming a drone pilot and doing so professionally has become the objective of many people nowadays. 

It is because of this, and to cope with the growing demand in the market, that a multitude of drone pilot courses have been created, just like the one at our school. On a training level, drone pilot courses are normally simple, short, and very affordable for any professional who wishes to opt for new options within different sectors. Training for professional drone pilots can currently be done via online courses at home or by attending a school. 

Training to become a drone pilot is now easier than ever if you know how and where to do it. This article will explain the topic. 

Let’s quickly return to what concerns us most, how can you become a drone pilot? 

What is a drone? 

Before going any further, it is important for you to know what you are going to be flying, right? 

Drones are not much more than remote-controlled aircraft that can be used for various tasks such as, for example, aerial photography projects at vineyards. 

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Find out about how to be a drone pilot

I would like to be a professional drone operator; how should I do this? 

To become a professional pilot what you must do is find a flight school and obtain your drone pilot license. 

Once you are informed, you must take an official drone pilot course, in which you will develop the necessary knowledge and skillset for flying these aircraft professionally. 

We offer a course with which you will obtain your official advanced drone pilot certificate and will even have the possibility of expanding your knowledge to the point of becoming an expert. The license is essential to be able to legally fly any type of drone, as is required by AESA regulations. Throughout the course you will be trained in different areas of knowledge, such as meteorology, basic legislation, etc… Simple training is within everyone’s reach. 

What is the price of a drone pilot course? 

This all depends on what course you wish to take and the flight school you choose. Taking any official course in a flight school to obtain your pilot license requires a financial investment. Nonetheless, one of the advantages of taking the drone pilot course is that, compared to the airplane or helicopter pilot courses, it is far more affordable. 

The price of a drone pilot course is usually around 700 to 2000€, although you may find more expensive or cheaper options out there, the final choice is yours. 

Having said this, and despite it still being a financial investment, achieving your dream of becoming a drone pilot and obtaining your license can still be within your reach. 

Training modalities to become a drone pilot. 

While becoming a pilot you will encounter various ways of undergoing your training, choose the one that suits you best! 

There are online drone pilot courses, with which you can study at your own pace from home, ideal for individuals who work full time and have no way of attending classes at a flight school. Nevertheless, the most important courses will always have an in-person part, which will be the practical part of putting the skills you learned through online theory to practice. 

The in-person modality for drone pilot courses includes a large part of the theory training at a flight school in addition to the practical training and flying time. This type of training also involves a big plus, which is direct contact with other pilots, classmates, and profession colleagues, as well as the benefit of having access to help and professionals who can answer any doubts and questions you may have. 

There are also mixed modalities, if you have already completed the theoretical side of the course and all you need to obtain your license is real flight time with drones, you can take part in a practical drone STS course in which you will only have to practice your flying with our flight instructors to obtain your official STS-01 and STS-02 certificates. 

As previously mentioned, choose the option that best suits you! 

What is needed to pilot a drone UAS-RPAS? 

This is where AESA, the Spanish Air Safety Agency (Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea), comes into play. 

AESA is in charge of controlling the safety of civil aviation (airplanes, helicopters, and drones) in Spain. 

It is because of this that they are also the ones who establish certain requirements that must be met to be a drone operator and to obtain the professional drone flying certificate. 

AESA’s requirements to be a drone pilot are as follows: 

  • Be at least 18 years old. 
  • Demonstrate the theoretical and practical knowledge you have obtained throughout the course. 
  • Have a valid medical certificate. 
  • Register yourself in AESA. 
  • Civil Liability Insurance. 

It is possible you may find drone courses for free, however, to be able to obtain professional capabilities, you must enroll in a professional drone pilot course. 

*Work professionally as a drone pilot with everything a pilot must know to fly professionally* 

*See more information on the Professional Drone Pilot Course-UPC* 

These are the general requirements that must be considered, but beyond these, there may be additional requirements depending on the type, size, and weight of the drone to be flown. 

*Here is more information on the additional requirements from AESA’s official website* 

Now that you know what is needed to obtain your drone pilot license, take the first steps! Undergo training at the best flight school and obtain your professional drone pilot license in a career with a bright future ahead and a high demand for professionals. 



In which sectors could you work as a drone pilot? 

  • Photography and videography: Drones are widely used in this industry to capture stunning images and videos from the air. This includes, but is not limited to, photography at weddings, events, sporting events, tourism, and film production. 
  • Inspection and monitoring: Drones are used for the inspection and monitoring of infrastructure such as power lines, pipelines, communication towers, antennas, bridges, and buildings. Drones are also used in this sector to inspect dangerous areas that are difficult to access on foot. 
  • Precise agriculture: These aircraft can be used to study and monitor crops, identify health problems in the plants, and apply the necessary treatment, therefore increasing efficiency and reducing the usage of pesticides. 
  • Topography and mapping: Drones can help generate 3D models of terrain and high-resolution maps, which is helpful for city planning, the development of construction projects, and the management of natural resources. 
  • Search and Rescue: These small aircraft can be used to search for and locate people who are lost in the wilderness or in an emergency, by providing live feed to the rescue team. 
  • Security and Surveillance: The use of drones can also be applied to the surveillance of sensible areas like borders, national parks, large events, and private properties. 
  • Package delivery: Although this is still undergoing its experimental phase in some countries, some delivery services are testing the usage of drones to deliver packages to your doorstep quickly and efficiently. 
  • Mining and Construction: Remote-controlled vehicles, such as drones, are used for the mapping of mines and construction sites, controlling the progress of projects, and monitoring the safety in industrial areas. 
  • Investigation and Conservation of Nature: Scientific investigation and the conservation of natural areas can be aided by using drones, allowing for the study of remote habitats without disturbing or interrupting the animals. 
  • Education and Training: Some people specialize themselves as drone pilot instructors and offer courses and training for those interested in the world of professional drone flying. 

Find your vocation to become a drone pilot! If you are interested in taking the first steps into this world, do not hesitate to contact us and request any information you need.