Private Helicopter Pilot Licence – PPL

Private Helicopter Pilot Licence. Here you have all the information about the most complete private helicopter pilot course on the market. Learn to fly, with 45 hours of real helicopter flying lessons, we are waiting for you at European Flyers!

  • On-site classes in Madrid (Cuatro Vientos) and Alicante (Mutxamel)
  • Price: €21,780. Terms and conditions of the offer in force at the date of publication. (2023)
  • Internationally renowned teaching staff
  • Benchmark European training centre
  • 45 hours of real flight training as the pilot
  • Next-generation helicopters - Robinson R22 with Garmin 1000 cabin
  • High-end simulators

Private helicopter pilot course

Our theoretical programme covers the full programme required by law, including the following subjects:
  • Aeronautical law

  • General aircraft knowledge

  • Performance and flight planning

  • Human factors

  • Operational procedures

  • Meteorology

  • Navigation

  • Flight principles

  • Communications


Theoretical program

The theoretical programme will be taught partly on-site, with study hours for the student and personalised tutorials with an instructor from the school.


Flight program

The course will consist of a total of more than 40 hours of real flying.

During these hours, we will extensively cover all the maneuvers and procedures, just as specified by the EU-FCL regulation. The necessary 1.5 hours of R22 for the flight exam are also included.

Model: Hours:
Robinson 22 41,5


Training with the simulator reinforces what you learn in flight.

You will learn how to fly and navigate planes with the cockpit instruments as your only reference.

Helicopter flight simulator model:

  • FNPT – II