Airline Transport Pilot Course

Airline Transport Pilot Licence

  • On-site classes in Madrid (Cuatro Vientos) and Alicante (Mutxamel)
  • Price: €99,000
  • Loss of class 1 medical certificate insurance
  • Internationally renowned teaching staff
  • Benchmark European training centre
  • 750 hours of theory
  • 140 hours of real flight training as the pilot
  • Helicopters with the latest technology


Our theoretical programme consists of 750 hours of theory:
  • Aviation law

  • CGA Systems

  • CGA Instruments

  • Performance

  • Flight planning

  • Mass and centring

  • Human factors

  • Meteorology

  • Navigation

  • Radio navigation

  • Operational procedures

  • Flight principles

  • VFR Communications

  • IFR Communications


The price of the course includes:
  • An iPad as a study tool
  • Books and didactic material for all the theoretical classes
  • Necessary flight material (plotter, flight computer, charts, headphones, flight bag)
  • Uniform
  • Initial medical examination and one renewal
  • Fees for the theoretical exams and the flight exams (first try)
  • Official exam for certification of proficiency in aeronautical English (ICAO)
  • All flight-related costs
  • A 1-year subscription to Aviation Exam


Theoretical programme

The theoretical programme will consist of on-site classes taught at the European Flyers facilities by the same team of instructors that have helped the school reach the number one position in the national ranking as well as be internationally recognised as a Training centre of reference in Europe.


Flight programme

The course includes more than 140 helicopter flying hours.

This practical portion will be taught according to the programme planned by the Head Teacher (Ht)

Model: Hours:
Robinson R22 130
Eurocopter EC135 12,30


Simulators programme

Training with the simulator reinforces what you learn in flight. You will learn how to fly and navigate helicopters with the cockpit instruments as your only reference.

Model: Hours:
Class I medical certificate 6