Helicopter pilot courses

Working as a helicopter pilot can be an exciting career, whether you decide to become a commercial or a private pilot. To help you earn your helicopter pilot licence, European Flyers offers the widest range of helicopter pilot courses, guaranteeing the best resources and most advanced technology in the market. Take advantage of our state-of-the-art facilities in Cuatro Vientos (Madrid) and Mutxamel (Alicante) to train to become a helicopter pilot.

Frequently asked questions about helicopter pilot courses

We answer all your questions about how to obtain a helicopter pilot licence in Spain.

There are several helicopter pilot licenses and each of them has specific tests as well as requirements.
To obtain the pilot’s license you must pass the exams and have a number of flight hours. In addition, you must have the following requirements to access the training:

  • High school diploma or equivalent. Failing that, pass a specific Mathematics and Physics exam (to be taken at school)
  • Class I medical certificate
  • Pass an oral and written English test

For PPL private helicopter pilot training the requirements are simpler: 

  • Minimum age of 16 years at the beginning of the course
  • Be 17 years old on the date of the practical exam
  • Official Class II medical recognition

The cheapest course is the CPL which can be done for €59,000, the air transport course that includes the CPL and the ATPL reaches €99,000.

The private helicopter pilot course is much cheaper, you can obtain the license for €22,000

To be a helicopter pilot there are 3 trainings:

  • ATPL + CPL: Helicopter Airline Transport Pilot Course
  • CPL: Commercial Helicopter Pilot Course – CPL
  • PPL: Private Helicopter Pilot Course
  • Be a passenger transport pilot
  • Be a maritime rescue pilot
  • Be a medical transport pilot
  • Be a firefighting pilot

The subjects are very varied and interesting:

  • Legislation: everything about air law
  • Physics: Meteorology, mass
  • Management: flight planning, navigation, operations, communications

The duration of the course is between 20 and 24 months, although a student can comfortably handle a helicopter after 12 months

No, la formación es intensa ya que es una profesión que exige una gran responsabilidad. Pero cualquier alumno que haya superado con éxito los estudios de bachillerato puede superar perfectamente los estudios para ser piloto de helicóptero en el caso de CPL y ATPL.

El curso de PPL es más sencillo ya que el contenido es menor, por lo que cualquier persona puede acceder y superarlo con facilidad.