Frequently asked questions and answers

A list of the most frequent questions that we receive and our answers to them. We’ll add new questions as soon as we receive them by email.

European Flyers has two bases: the Cuatro Vientos Airport (Madrid) and the Mutxamel Airfield (Alicante).

Cuatro Vientos (LECU) is our main base of operations, where we have the most modern facilities. We currently have six classrooms, a multimedia room, a radiofrequency and language lab, a simulator centre, an operations room and a briefing room. We are presently expanding our premises, which will mean 30% more available space.

Mutxamel (LEMU) is a private airfield situated north of the city of Alicante. Thanks to its location, it is the perfect place for pilot training due to its weather. It has two fully equipped classrooms, an operations room, briefing room, a hangar and its own fuel service

European Flyers is constantly investing in machinery and aircraft. Today, the school owns 14 aeroplanes, 8 helicopters and 7 next-generation flight simulators that allow students to acquire the necessary skills for their future career.

Yes. European Flyers is an ATO – Approved Training Organisation – recognised by the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA). AESA is the state agency responsible for civil aviation safety in Spain, and before it, the ATO must demonstrate the high standards and quality of its training.

European Flyers meets all the European standards and is qualified by the principal international bodies to provide the required training to obtain pilot licences. At the same time, we are an official centre for aeronautical English recognised by the ICAO, which allows us to offer both language training and certification.

Each certification has its own conditions, but as a general rule, the requirements to start our courses are to be of legal age, to have a secondary school diploma or equivalent, and if not, to pass a specific Mathematics and Physics exam (to be taken at ur School). We also require a medical examination and some entrance exams: an aptitude test, an oral and written English exam and a personal interview.

All of our courses include a theoretical and a practical component, including simulators and real flying in the most modern aircraft in the market. At European Flyers, we far surpass the standards set by the current legislation both in Europe and internationally.

The certification that best fits these characteristics is Commercial Airline Pilot (ATPL), offered in both aeroplane (A) and helicopter (H) versions.