PIPER PA-34 Seneca


The Piper PA-34 Seneca is an American twin-engine light aircraft produced by Piper Aircraft since 1971.

The Seneca was developed as a twin-engine version of the Piper Cherokee Six, with a prototype designated as the PA-32-3M. It was a Cherokee Six (normally equipped with a 300 hp Lycoming O-540 front engine) that had two wing-mounted Lycoming O-235 engines (with 115 hp each). For this reason, the prototype was flown as a tri-motor aircraft in the initial stages of the test-flying program.

Certified on December 11, 1996, the Seneca V was put into production as a model for 1998. Again, the cowls were redesigned for increased performance, several cockpit switches were relocated from the panel to the headliner, and an improved engine variant, the Continental TSIO-360-RB, was used. One difference with the TSIO-360-RB is an intercooler that improves performance and reduces engine wear and fuel consumption, while the turbocharger has an automatic wastegate valve that prevents damage due to turbocharging or excessive temperatures. Thanks to a lower air intake temperature, it can be flown with a leaner mixture, and it sustains its power curves up to 19,500 feet. The computerized display provides fuel, engine and engine control system readings, greatly improving situational awareness. The optional three-bladed McCauley propellers decrease the cruising speed by 4 knots but also reduce noise and improve take-off and climb performance.

The Seneca V has the same gross weight as the III and IV: 4,740 lb (2,150 kg) for takeoff and 4,513 lb (2,045 kg) for landing. However, the Seneca V’s empty weight surpasses that of the Seneca II; in other words, its useful load has decreased despite having the same gross weight.

More specifications: Features and performance
1 pilot
5 passengers
8,72m (28ft)
11,86m (38ft)
3,02m (9ft)
Area of the wings
19,39m2 (208.7 ft2)
NACA 652-415
Empty weight
1.457kg (3.212lb)
Full load weight
2.165kg (4.773lb)
Useful load
450kg (993lb)
Maximum takeoff weight
2.155kg (4.750lb)
Power plant
2 engines Teledyne Continental: TSIO-360-RB y LTSIO-360-RB
164 kW (220 HP)

Speed never exceeded (Vne): 378 km / h (237 MPH, 204 kt)
Maximum operating speed (Vno): 361 km / h (225 MPH; 195 kt)
Cruising speed (Vc): 348 km / h (216 MPH, 188 kt)
Speed of entrance in loss: 113 km / h (70 MPH; 61 kt)
Scope: 1 611 km (870 nmi, 1 000 mi)
Service ceiling: 7 620 m (25 000 ft)
Ascent rate: 7.87 m / s (1 550 ft / min)
Load wing: 104 kg / m2 (21.2 lb / ft2)
Weight / Power Ratio: 164 W / kg (0.1 hp / lb)