Garmin 1000 TRAINER


The Garmin 1000 cockpit simulator introduces the student pilot to new technologies in the field of aviation. It’s ideal for training as it offers a perfect feeling of a real flight.

As planes are incorporating more technology, flying schools must provide a new type of training to accelerate the transition from simulators to real aircraft.

It is a perfect solution, as the Garmin 1000 cockpit helps students to transition to real planes and barely notice the difference. It offers comprehensive and effective training, making the transition easier.

It is equipped with a Garmin 1000™ system with 2 units (PFD and MFD), 1 GMA and Bendix autopilot at an affordable price.

More specifications: Features and performance
2 GDU 1040 Garmin
1 GMA 1347 Garmin
Joystick for flight simulation
17-inch TFT screen for instructor
17-inch TFT screen for the visual flight system
Dell computer with mouse and keyboard
ADF Becker 3500
KAP 140 Autopilot