The Frasca 141 Model is an extremely popular and versatile single and multi-engine flight simulator.

The design of all the cockpit equipment, including the engine, control and display systems, is based on the components of real aircraft, giving the student a sense of realism that very few simulators achieve.

A powerful Pentium PC with the latest Frasca processing software allows the modelling and simulation of systems with realistic aerodynamic behaviour, while a digital sound system simulates the sound of the engine and different ambient sounds, giving pilots a much more immersive learning experience.

Its realism is enhanced by a visual system with colour textures and a high resolution colour monitor. This technology makes the simulated scene far more realistic, adding details to the images and providing a precise weather simulation.
The Frasca 141 simulator can be used in private pilot, commercial pilot, instrument rating and flight instructor courses.

More specifications: Features and performance
High fidelity flight simulation
Realistic handling and performance characteristics
Individual or multi-engine configuration
Dell computer with mouse and keyboard