Alsim FNPT I – Cessna 172 G1000


The FNPT AL172 offers a realistic and high-quality flight simulation. It can be used as the sole flight training device at small schools. Large schools use it as an excellent complement to the multifunctional AL200 MCC.

When developing the AL172, Alsim team applied the same Garmin G1000 simulation experience used in the AL200-DA42 FSTD. Using the same state-of-the-art technology, the AL172 is designed specifically for Garmin 1000 training. It is the only flight simulation model designed to recreate the features and functionalities of the Cessna 172 NAV III.

The AL172 is an excellent training device for Garmin G1000 simulation systems for new pilots and pilots in transition from conventional instrumentation.

Equipped with a Garmin 1000 ™ system with 2 units (PFD and MFD), 1 GMA and Bendix-King autopilot, the AL172 is a realistic simulator available for an affordable price.

More specifications: Features and performance
2 GDU 1040 Garmin
1 GMA 1347 Garmin
Full cabin
Controls for flight simulation
Surround sound system
Electrical adjustment system
17-inch TFT screen for the visual flight system
17-inch TFT screen for instructor
Diamond DA42 TDI piston engine