The FNPT II A320 is an exact replica of the Airbus 320. All the controls, switches and screens are fully functional. In addition, the flight simulator recreates the sensations of being on an A320 because the control responses are calibrated using the algorithms created and implemented by Airbus.
A complete package of games allows all normal, abnormal and emergency procedures to be executed as they would on the A320 aircraft.

The visual aspect is a key feature, as it gives the pilot an idea of its movement. The screen response times are almost ten times faster than those required by the Qualification Test Guide.

With its 200-degree field of view, high-resolution images and fast visual display, the simulation environment is as close as possible to flying an A320 aircraft.

All flight controls in the A320 simulator are fitted with high-precision control loading and force feedback. The control loading system of the flight controls has been assigned a very high degree of precision, equal to or higher than the certification requirements of the FAA Level D FFS Simulator.

The high level of synchronization between the A320 simulator’s control loading and the visual display makes the simulation as realistic as possible for the pilot while providing an A320 training platform of the highest quality.

More specifications: Features and performance
Realistic model of the Airbus 320
Full flight cabin
High level of fidelity in controls and management
All flight systems, including: autopilot, automatic accelerator and flight director
200 degrees x 40 degrees of vision
Operations Instructor Station
Airbus A320 data package of the original flight
Navigation database Lido Worldwide FMS