Expert Drone/RPAS Pilot Course

Official expert drone pilot certificate

  • Price: €1,260. Terms and conditions of the offer in force at the date of publication. (2023)
  • Compulsory theoretical and practical training in accordance with the requirements of Royal Decree Law 8/2014
  • Internationally renowned teaching staff
  • Benchmark European training centre
  • 60 hours of advanced theory


The following subjects are taught in this programme:
  • Aeronautical law and regulations

  • ATC knowledge

  • General aircraft knowledge

  • Aircraft performance

  • Meteorology

  • Navigation and map reading

  • Human factors in RPA

  • Operational procedures

  • Communications

  • Aeronautical phraseology

  • Advanced communications

What it includes

This programme includes the following training:
  • Advanced drone theory course (BVLOS)
  • Multi-rotor up to 5 kg rating
  • Fixed wing up to 5 kg rating
  • Radio communicator for remote pilots course
  • Autonomous flight initiation course
  • Pix4D software initiation course
  • Advising to register as an operator with AESA


Advanced theoretical programme

It includes 54 hours of theory via tutored teaching online. It also consists of 6 hours of on-site classes at our facilities.

Practical programme

The practical programme consists of two phases: a theoretical-practical phase and a purely practical phase.

The first portion (theoretical-practical training) will cover knowledge of the type of aircraft to be operated and their control systems. It consists of 10 on-site hours and the written exam.

The second part (practical training) will be carried out with Parrot Anafi and Parrot Disco, with more than 4 hours of flight instruction plus the proficiency test required by AESA. Students will practice in simulators.