Expert Drone/RPAS Pilot Course

Official expert drone pilot certificate

  • Compulsory theoretical and practical training in accordance with the requirements of Royal Decree Law 8/2014
  • Theoretical-practical programme (4.5 online hours and 0.5 on-site hours)
  • Price: €1,260
  • 60 hours of advanced theory
  • 14 hours of theoretical and practical training
  • Internationally renowned teaching staff
  • Benchmark European training centre


The following subjects are taught in this programme:
  • Aeronautical law and regulations

  • ATC knowledge

  • General aircraft knowledge

  • Aircraft performance

  • Meteorology

  • Navigation and map reading

  • Human factors in RPA

  • Operational procedures

  • Communications

  • Aeronautical phraseology

  • Advanced communications

What it includes

This programme includes the following training:
  • Advanced drone theory course (BVLOS)
  • Multi-rotor up to 5 kg rating
  • Fixed wing up to 5 kg rating
  • Radio communicator for remote pilots course
  • Autonomous flight initiation course
  • Pix4D software initiation course
  • Advising to register as an operator with AESA

Advanced theoretical programme

The theoretical programme of this drone pilot training consists of several hours.

It includes 54 hours of theory via tutored teaching online. It also consists of 6 hours of on-site classes at our facilities.

Practical programme

The practical programme consists of two phases: a theoretical-practical phase and a purely practical phase.

The first portion (theoretical-practical training) will cover knowledge of the type of aircraft to be operated and their control systems. It consists of 10 on-site hours and the written exam.

The second part (practical training) will be carried out with Parrot Anafi and Parrot Disco, with more than 4 hours of flight instruction plus the proficiency test required by AESA. Students will practice in simulators.