Drone/RPAS pilot course

Working as a drone pilot can be an exciting profession, in a sector that is clearly growing. For this reason, European Flyers offers a series of training courses always guaranteeing the best means, the most advanced technology on the market and the most experienced instructors. All courses are adapted to the new European drone/UAS regulations – EU Delegated Regulation 2019/945 and EU Implementing Regulation 2019/947-.

We are convinced that drone flight is going to revolutionize our sector. It is a profession in full growth for which in our Flight Training Center we have been offering professional training for five years now. In 2015 we knew how to see the potential that drone pilot training had in our sector and we included it in our training offer. This 2021 we designed together with the most experienced drone operations directors in the country the Professional Drone Pilot Course – UAS Flyers, one of the most complete courses in Europe. It has a growing future projection in many sectors: agriculture, construction, emergencies or meteorology are some of the many professional opportunities offered by drone piloting.

A profession with a lot of projection that will continue to expand horizons, and that in many cases fulfills an essential function in society. Become a drone operator with European Flyers! Launch your professional career

Alejandro del Estal Herrero
Director of Operations and Support at RigiTech
"Thanks to European Flyers, both my training in 2018 and their constant support in the following years, my professional career was able to take a change in the direction I was looking for, helping me to get my next job, and inviting me to the event where I met my current boss.
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Vicente Ontoso
"My time at European Flyers was a life-changing experience. In 2018 I didn't have any job or any job expectations, so I started to look at options that suited me. I have been passionate about RC since I was a child and when I saw a drone for the first time I fell in love.
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Javier Álvarez Gómez
Professional UAS pilot at Puy du Fou Spain
"At the age of 40, I was faced with the enormous challenge of reinventing myself professionally. Despite being passionate about aviation since I was a child, the nerves of entering this exciting world made me hesitate to start the course or not. this exciting world made me hesitate whether or not to start the course...
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Frequent questions

UAS Flyers Drone Professional Pilot Course

The essential thing to know is that, with this new regulation, the only body with powers to issue theoretical certificates for drones is AESA.

  • For level 0, the pilot does not have to take any type of exam, neither theoretical nor practical, they are considered very low-risk operations.
  • For level 1, it is only necessary to pass an online theoretical exam (40 questions) through AESA whose theoretical contents are provided by AESA.
  • For levels 2 and 3 you must also pass an online theoretical exam (40 questions) through AESA, but in this case, AESA it only provides the subjects about which you will ask questions and not the contents of these subjects.
  • In addition, for level 3 (both a) and b)) a practical aptitude certificate is required and can only be issued by entities that have been recognized by AESA (eg EUROPEAN FLYERS S.L.U.).

With our course, the student obtains the qualification as a pilot up to level 3 of training, the maximum possible, since level 4 is not regulated and is specific for certain special operations that cannot be carried out or in open or specific category.

  • Radio operator course for remote pilots with an official certificate issued by European Flyers. This certificate is an essential requirement to be able to fly drones in controlled airspace and can only be given by Approved Training Schools (ATO’s) such as European Flyers.
  • Initiation class to the SORA methodology to obtain basic notions about carrying out aeronautical safety studies.
  • Autonomous flight class with UGCS software to learn how to design and carry out autonomous operations with drones.
  • Fixed-wing drone (aircraft) piloting course.
  • Management course for a UAS operator.
  • be 16 years old
  • It is necessary to have a digital certificate or electronic DNI before starting the course.

The course is taught in Spanish, no knowledge of English is necessary.

It all depends on the course you decide to take and the pilot school you choose.

Taking any official course at an aviation school to obtain your pilot’s license requires an economic investment.

One of the advantages of becoming a drone pilot is that, compared to an airplane or helicopter pilot course, the investment is not that great.

The price of the drone pilot courses is usually between €800 to €2,000, although you will also find more expensive and cheaper prices, the choice is yours.

Knowing this and despite the fact that it is still an economic investment, fulfilling your dream of being a drone pilot and getting your license is within your reach.

This is where the state aviation safety agency, also known as AESA, comes into play.

AESA is in charge of controlling the safety of civil aviation (planes, helicopters and drones) in Spain.

For this reason, it is also in charge of setting out the requirements that need to be met to be a drone operator and obtain your professional flight certificate.

Requirements to be a drone pilot, you must meet:

  • Be over 16 years of age.
  • Demonstrate the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired in the official course you have taken.
  • Have a valid medical certificate.
  • Register with AESA.
  • Civil Liability Insurance (SRC).

It is possible that you will find a free drone course, but obviously to get your professional training the course you must take a professional drone course like the ones we have at our school.

These would be the general requirements that you must take into account, but when older, taking into account the different types of drones that exist and their weight, these requirements will be expanded.

Now that you know everything you need to get your drone pilot license, take the plunge. Train at the best pilot school and obtain your professional drone pilot license in a career with a future and a high demand for professionals.

If you are interested in taking the plunge, do not hesitate to contact us and request the information you need.