Modular Instrument Rating Course

Instrument Rating Licence - IR


Theoretical program

Since the student must already have completed the CPL or ATPL theory including the Instrument Rating theory according to the JAR-FCL requirements, no further theory will be required for this course.

A theory course on the operation of the Garmin 1000 system used in this course in included, as well as theory courses on the type of aircraft used. Further theory briefings on the more practical aspects of the CPL flight training are provided before and after each flight and simulator session.


Flight program

There are two options for this course:

A single engine course and a multi engine course. A large part of both courses however is flown using the Garmin 1000 Glass Cockpit technology and the multipilot concept is used during both the flying and simulator stages of this programme.

Please allow for a further 2 hours in C172RG or PA34 for the flight skill test

Model: Hours:
Cessna 172 NAV III (G1000) 15
Diamond DA42 NG 23


Simulator program

For the transition to Glass Cockpit technology as well as added training value to the course, simulator hours have been included. The simulator training is the same for both options (IR-SE and IR-ME).

Model: Hours:
TRAINER G1000 10
Cessna 172 NAV III G1000 FNPT-I 25