Modular Theory Airline Transport Pilot Course

ATPL Theory


Our theoretical program widely covers all necessary subjects required by the PART- FCL regulations:

  • Air Law and Aeronautical Regulations

  • ATC Procedures

  • General Aircraft Knowledge:

    • Airframes & Systems
    • Powerplant
  • Instruments

  • Mass and balance

  • Performance

  • Flight planning

  • Human factors and limittions:

    • Aeronautical Medicine
    •  Human factor
  • Meteorology

  • Navigation and Radio navegation

  • Operational procedures

  • Principles of flight

  • VFR Communications

  • IFR Communications

  • Type of aircraft courses

  • Flight procedures courses

  • Technical English


Theoretical program

The theory program consists of classroom hours, provided at the facilities of European Flyers in Madrid (Cuatro Vientos) and Alicante (Mutxamel) by the team of teachers that have placed our school at the top of the ATO ranking in Spain and contributed to make it internationally known as a European reference for Aeronautical Training.

  • In Phase A: Where all the theory knowledge necessary to start the practical stage of the course at the end of this phase is covered.
  • Phase B and C:: In each of these phases, 7 official subjects well be prepared. By the end of each phase, students will be prepared for the official exams. It is mandatory to pass all internal exams before going to the official AESA exams.