European Flyers

European Flyers, is approved by the Aviation Authorities of Spain (AESA) and Europe (EASA) for the integrated Airline Transport Pilot Course, Commercial Pilot with Instrument rating for helicopter course and other modular courses which covers the whole spectrum of Aviation Training.

Technological innovation multiplies possibilities and transforms our environment. The latest advances in avionics means the arrival of a new generation of pilots who must be trained in Glass Cockpit technology, which is the same technology they will use thought their professional career.

At European Flyers we have the most modern instruction fleet in Europe, equipped with Glass Cockpit technology (Garmin 1000), identical to the aircraft of large airlines. We are the first training Centre in the world to have Cessna Nav III (G1000) simulators, certified as FNPT-I.

Our renovated fleet, our remodeled facilities and the most advanced simulators mean that you will enjoy a unique experience in Europe, guaranteed and endorsed by a leading aeronautical group.

We are training a new generation of pilots using cutting-edge technology and the most modern fleet, working on multi-pilot operation right from the very start of the training.

We use a revolutionary and updated concept that is completely focused on the skills sought by large airlines, and we prepare our students for subsequent hiring process.