PPL – Private Airplane Pilot Course

Original: PPL private pilot's license. Train as an airplane pilot and start flying in the latest generation aircraft. Get your private pilot license with the leading aviation school in Spain. Comprehensive high-quality training at the leading European school. Study with the best instructors and pass all the subjects to pass the final exam and you will be an airplane pilot. All the information you need is here: prices, dates and upcoming calls. We are waiting for you at European Flyers!

  • Face-to-face classes in Madrid (Cuatro Vientos) - Spain
  • Price: € 10.000. Terms and conditions of the offer in force at the date of publication. (2023)
  • Internationally renowned Teaching Staff
  • Benchmark European training centre
  • 41.5 hours of actual flying as a pilot
  • 6,5 hours of simulator training
  • Aviones Cessna 172 con glass cockpit G1000 - Sistema Garmin 1000 de Glass Cockpit
  • High-end simulators - Trainer G1000 and Alsim FNPT I - C172 NAV III

All subjects of the PPL Course

Our programme widely covers the programme required by the regulation and its subjects:
  • Air Law

  • General aircraft knowledge

  • Performance

  • Human factors

  • Weather

  • Navigation

  • Operational procedures

  • Principles of flight

  • Communications



The theoretical programme is taught in person and the student will also be tutored online so that he/she can resolve all doubts and questions.
The PPL pilot syllabus will be continuously monitored in order to obtain the licence. Our students arrive fully prepared to pass the PPL exam questions.

The private pilot course will be divided into student study time and personalised tutorials with an instructor from the school.


Flight program

During the flight program, all maneuvers and procedures as specified by PARTE FCL regulations are covered extensively.

This practical portion will include a total of 40 hours of actual flying as a pilot (including 1.5 hours in a C172 NAV II G1000, which is required for the flight proficiency check).

Model: Hours:
Cessna 172 NAV III G1000 41,5


Simulator program

Training in the simulator is aimed at reinforcing what you will learn in flight and at European Flyers we have the latest technology.

During this part of the programme, the student will complete 10 hours of exercises in simulators. During these sessions you may use an FNPT I glass cockpit simulator identical to the aircraft’s and you will learn how to fly in a glass cockpit.

Model: Hours:
TRAINER G1000 1,5