Jet Orientation Course – JOC

Jet Orientation License

  • On-site classes in Madrid (Cuatro Vientos)
  • Price: €1,800.Terms and conditions of the offer in force at the date of publication. (2023)
  • Internationally renowned Teaching Staff
  • Benchmark European training centre
  • 12 hours of flying in simulators
  • Luxury simulators



Theoretical programme

This theoretical course will be imparted by the same team of instructors that have helped the school reach the number one position in the national ranking as well as being internationally recognised as a Training centre of reference in Europe.

This part is designed to gain proficiency in multi-pilot operations and the training is structured to ensure you reach the desired objective. The theoretical portion includes 6 hours of training on systems, procedures and operations on the Airbus 320. Also included are two hours of preparatory work for participating in the airlines selection process as well as briefings with the instructor before and after each session in the simulator.


Simulators Programme

This simulator training is a refresher of what you have learned in the theoretical classes.

This part of the training includes preparatory and familiarisation sessions in the cockpit (4 hours) as well as 8 hours where the student will train in our Full Motion Airbus 320 – FNPT II MCC simulator.

Model: Hours:
Airbus 320 CPT 4
Airbus 320 JOC 8