Instrument Rating (IR) Course

Instrument Rating Licence - IR

  • Base: Cuatro Vientos Airport - Madrid & Mutxamel Airport - Alicante
  • Two options: Single Engine and Multi Engine
  • Price: €9,700 (SE option) - €12,440 (ME option)
  • Internationally renowned Teaching Staff
  • Benchmark European training centre
  • Several hours of actual flying as a pilot
  • State-of-the-art aircraft
  • Luxury simulators - Cessna 172NAV III with Garmin 1000 cockpit; the first certified as FNPT-I in the world


Theoretical program

A modular training is offered to obtain an IR rating for those candidates that are already in possession of an FCL PPL or CPL license and the CPL/ATPL theory training. Two options are available for the course: Single Engine and Multi Engine.

Since prior to starting the course, the student must have completed the ATPL or IR theory training in accordance with part FCL, no further theoretical training is required.


Flight program

The course includes several hours of actual flying as a pilot

In the case of the Single Engine, the entire flight programme is imparted using the Garmin 1000 Glass Cockpit technology. In the case of the Multi Engine, a Cessna 172 as well as a Diamond DA42 are flown. The flight programme includes 3 extra hours in a C172 G1000 or 2 extra hours in a DA42 for the flight check.

Students in possession of an FCL CPL or a FCL IR(H) license are authorised to cut 10 hours from the flight programme that is specified herein in the Cessna 172 NAV III.

Model: Hours:
Cessna 172 NAV III (G1000) 33
Cessna 172 NAV III G1000 (Multi-engine) 15
Diamond DA42 NG 17


Simulator program

For the transition to Glass Cockpit technology as well as added training value to the course, simulator hours have been included. The simulator training is the same for both options (IR-SE and IR-ME).

The simulator training is the same in both programmes; IR-SE and IR-ME. This training reinforces what you have learned in flight.

Model: Hours:
TRAINER G1000 10
Cessna 172 NAV III G1000 FNPT-I 25