Commercial Airline Pilot Course, 180 h – ATPL

Receive training at our commercial pilot course and an instrument rating (IR)

  • Price: 81.000€. Terms and conditions of the offer in force at the date of publication. (2023)
  • Open enrollment period for the next airplane pilot course: September 18, 2023 (Madrid)
  • Next call on September 16. Consultation without obligation!
  • NEW! - Includes KSA, PBN and UPRT
  • NEW: Loss of class 1 medical certificate insurance
  • Internationally renowned Teaching Staff
  • Benchmark European training centre
  • State-of-the-art aircraft - Garmin 1000 Glass Cockpit System
  • Simulators of various models: Alsim C172 FNPT-I, EN 1000 FNPT - I / FNPT – II, Alsim DA42 and Airbus A320 Full motion
  • 180 hours of real flight
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Our theoretical programme widely covers the programme required by the PART-FCL regulation and its subjects:
  • Aviation Law

  • Air traffic regulation

  • General aircraft knowledge: structures, systems and power plants

  • Instruments

  • Weight and balance

  • Performance

  • Flight planning

  • Human factors

  • Weather

  • General navigation and radio navigation

  • Operational procedures

  • Principles of flight

  • VFR Communications

  • IFR Communications

  • Aircraft type rating

  • Technical English


The airline pilot course enrolment includes:
  • iPad as a study material.
  • Study books and materials for all the theoretical courses
  • Required flight materials (Plotter, flight computer, charts, helmets, flight bag)
  • Uniform
  • Initial medical certificate and a renewal
  • The theoretical exams as well as the flight check fees
  • Official aeronautical English language competence accreditation exam (ICAO)
  • Preparatory course for interviews and selecting an airline
  • All costs associated with the flight
  • Year of subscription to a question bank


Theoretical Programme

The theoretical programme for obtaining an airline pilot license (ATPL) will consist of on-site classes at the European Flyers’ installations in Madrid (Cuatro Vientos). The classes will be imparted by the same team of instructors that have helped the school reach the number one position in the national ranking as well as being internationally recognised as a Training Centre of reference in Europe.

The program consists of two phases. In each of these phases, 7 official subjects will be prepared. By the end of each phase, students will be prepared for the official exams. It is mandatory to pass all internal exams before going to the official AESA exams.


Flight Programme

The airline commercial aircraft pilot course is comprised of 180 hours of actual Pilot Flying.

A large part of the training will be carried out piloting our state of the art aircraft equipped with the Garmin 1000 Glass Cockpit system. The Multi Engine aircraft instruction portion will be completed on a latest generation Diamond DA42 aircraft equipped with a Garmin 1000 system.

Model: Hours:
Cessna 172 G1000 160
Diamond DA42 NG 20


Simulators Programme

The simulator programme reinforces the skills obtained in flight and you will learn to fly and navigate aircraft by sole reference to the instruments in the cockpit, to use the Glass Cockpit technology and to operate as part of the crew.

The MCC – APS, Multi- Crew Coordination Airline Pilot Standars, course complete your training in multi-crew coordination and enables you to safely operate multi-crew multi- engine aircraft in IFR conditions.

At European Flyers we operate with the latest simulator technology. We have a FNPT I – C172 G1000 simulator with Glass Cockpit, identical to the flown aircraft by the students, and also a FNPT-II that is an exact reproduction of the Diamond DA42, built with original parts of the aircraft, equipped with Garmin G1000 and with the visual High definition system of ALSIM. Furthermore we are the only Flight Training Centre in Madrid with a FNPT II – Airbus 320 Full Motion simulator on their premises.

Model: Hours:
G1000 Trainer 10
Alsim C172 FNPT-I 10
Alsim DA42 FNTP-II 20
A320 MCC APS 40

Frequent questions

About the Airline Commercial Pilot (ATPL) Course

You obtain the commercial pilot license CPL(A) and the theory of the ATPL (for its acronym in English, Airline Transport Pilot License) known as ATPL Frozen. This license allows you to work as a pilot in an airline or doing other aerial work (firefighting, aerial photography…)