Modular Multiengine & Instrumental

Modular Multiengine & Instrumental

38 h FLY Modular Multiengine & Instrumental
  • Base: Cuatro Vientos Airport - Madrid & Mutxamel Airport - Alicante
  • Price: € 14.340.
  • Hold a current JAA PPL or CPL
  • Have completed a JAA CPL or ATPL theoretical course
  • Have completed at least 50 crosscountry flight hours as PIC
  • Have completed at least 70 flight hours as PICe
  • Hold a valid JAA Class 1 certificate
  • Hold a Night Qualification (if holder PPL)

Why choose European Flyers?

  • European Flyers offers modular training to obtain the IR rating for those candidates that already hold a JAA PPL or CPL and the CPL/ATPL theory. We provide two options for the course:

    Single Engine option: You will obtain the IR rating to fly Single Engine aircraft in IFR conditions.

    Multi Engine option: You will obtain the IR rating to fly Multi Engine aircraft in IFR conditions

    During either of the two options we use the cutting edge technology and airline oriented procedures that have made us a European reference for aeronautical training.

    Curso Modular Piloto ATPL
  • The price of the course includes:

    • iPad as study material
    • Books and didactical material for all theory courses
    • Necessary flight material (Plotter, flight computer, charts, headset, flight bag)
    • Uniform
    • Initial medical examination and renewal
    • Fees for both theory and flight exams (First attempt)
    • Official Language Proficiency exam in Aeronautical English ("ICAO")
    • Preparation course for airline interviews and selection processes
    • All costs related to flight
    Avion european flyers
    ue to the fact that prior to enrolment the student must have already completed the CPL or ATPL theory, including the Instrument Rating theory as per JAR-FCL, no further theoretical course is required. The theory course required to obtain the ME rating (7 hours) is included in the programme.

    A theory course on the operation of the Garmin 1000 system used in this course in included, in addition to the theory courses on the type of aircraft used. Further theory briefings on the more practical aspects of the CPL flight training are provided before and after each flight and simulator session.

    The flight program consists of the ME course first, followed by a skill test, before commencing the IR-ME course. A large part of both courses however is flown using the Garmin 1000 Glass Cockpit technology and the multipilot concept is introduced during both the flying and simulator stages of this program

    Included in the price 2 hours in PA34 for the IR-ME flight skill test.



    • Cessna 172 NAV III (G1000)
    • Diamond DA42 NG


    • 15
    • 23
    Horas de vuelo
    To aid the transition to the Glass Cockpit technology and to provide increased training value, simulator hours have been included in these courses. The simulator training is the same for both, the IR-SE and IR-ME


    • Frasca 142
    • G1000 TRAINER
    • Cessna 172 NAV III (G1000) FNPT-I simulator


    • 5
    • 10
    • 25
    Horas de vuelo

  • Different options for this course exist depending on your previous experience when enrolling:

    Holders of a JAA CPL or JAA IR (H) license are entitled to reduce their training programmes as specified here by 10 hours Cessna 172 NAV III (flight)

    In case your experience does not yet comply with the flight experience required before starting the Modular IR and ME courses, please contact European Flyers to inform you on the options we can provide to reach the minimum requirements.

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European Flyers. A reference point  in Europe

European Flyers has developed a new training concept, using the lastest technology (Glass Cockpit) and procedures completely oriented to airline operations. Right from the start we train you in multipilot operations, so that you train the way you will work in an airline.

At European Flyers you will do all internal exams considered necessary to guarantee that your training will be of the best quality and make sure you pass the exams of the Spanish Civil Aviation Authorities, Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea (AESA):
You will obtain a Commercial Pilot License with Single-Engine (SE), Multi-Engine (ME) and Instrument Rating (IR), an MCC certificate and the theory for the ATPL license (frozen ATPL).