Hour Building

Hour Building

European Flyers offers the following possibilities to build up flight experience.

This offer is exclusively for students that need to increase their flight hours in order to comply with the entry requirements for any modular or Flight Instructor course, to be taken at European Flyers Madrid.

Previous to any solo flying, the student must successfully pass a theoretical exam of the aircraft to be flown solo on its systems and limitations, as well as a familiarization and check-out flight with a Flight Instructor.

For the Cessna 172 NAV III, equipped with the Garmin 1000 Glass Cockpit system, the student shall also successfully pass the Garmin 1000 transition training.

  • Cessna 172 Basic (Analogue cockpit)
    • Solo - 145€/hour
    • With Flight Instructor - 175€/hour
  • Cessna 172 NAV III (G1000 Glass Cockpit)
    • Solo - 175€/hour
    • With Flight Instructor - 210€/hour
  • Piper Pa34 Seneca
    • With Flight Instructor - 425€/hour
  • Diamond DA42 NG
    • With Flight Instructor - 425€/hour
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